Identifikasi Alat-Alat Tangkap Ikan Sidat (Anguilla spp.) dan Hubungannya dengan Hasil Tangkapan di Sungai Cikaso

Yayuk Sugianti


Identification of Fishing Gears for Eel (Anguilla spp.) and Their Relationship to Catches in the Cikaso River. The Cikaso River is one of the rivers on the south coast of Sukabumi that has a relatively high abundance of eel. So, it is very potential as a fishing location. Fishermen have been operating various types of eel fishing gear in this river. This study identified different types of fishing gear used to catch eels in the Cikaso River, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. This identification is expected to be helpful for the sustainability of eel and fisheries policy in this area. The research was conducted using a survey method from March to August 2019 at seven research stations along the Cikaso River, which included the part of the river traversed by eels of various stadia. Data were collected through direct observation at the research sites to determine the distribution of fishing gear, equipment design and construction, fishing grounds, operating methods, and catches. In addition, interviews with fishermen through questionnaires were conducted to assess the level of environmental friendliness of the fishing gear used. The information generated from this research is that the eel catches in the Cikaso River consisted of glass eel, elver, yellow eel, and silver eel, which were scattered along the river. The adult eel species found during the study were Anguilla bicolor bicolor and Anguilla marmorata. The fishing gear used in the Cikaso River consisted of betel, sodok, bubu, kopyokan, jamparing, and fishing rods. Considering the exploitation of eel resources on the south coast of Sukabumi, many policies to support eel management have been issued. With these regulations and synergies from different parties, it is hoped that preserving eels in nature can support the lives of coastal fishermen.


alat tangkap, ikan Sidat, Anguilla bicolor bicolor, Anguilla marmorata, Sungai Cikaso

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